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Thanks to 30 years of research by Dr. Naidu, twice nominated for a Nobel Prize, there is now a safe and effective solution for healthy bones and joints.  Ribonuclease-Enriched Lactoferrin(R-ELF) is not a vitamin, mineral supplement or drug.  It forms part of the revolutionary new class of Bio-Replenishments.  Obtained from food, R-ELF is the same protein that a young body uses to remake the whole skeleton every 4 years.  This mineral managing molecule also stimulates the cells that produce new cartilage.  A patented Synoportin delivery system directs nutrients to the joints. 

R-ELF, as published in Osteoporosis International (2009), starts turning osteoporosis and osteopenia around in just 2 weeks!  Side-benefits of the completely natural agent, as published in Inflammation Research (2010), include supplying bone calcium to body organs and the lowering of elevated inflammatory markers linked to heart attack, diabetes and colon cancer.

Bone density increases can be seen in 3-6 months, there are many cases where Dexascans prove the density changes in short peroids of time. Clinical studys show proof! http://www.bonejointhealth.info/Clinical_Studies.html

 Hear Dave Balzer & Dr. Naidu explain why everyone needs OsteoDenx and how it works: http://www.bonejointhealth.info/Bio-Replenishment.html

Bio-Replenishment turns the clock back on bone and joint health.  Mineral management is vital to such body functions as joint use, conduction of nerve impulses, hearing, heartbeat and blood flow, bowel movements, liver and kidney performance, acid-base balance and detoxification.   

Women can lose up to 20% of their bone mass in the first 5 to 7 years after menopause.

Each year more women break a bone due to Osteoporosis than have a stroke, heart attack or breast cancer combined! Breaking bones can be deadly due to complications. So many women FALL because the bone broke, they seldom fall for no apparent reason and break the hip or leg when they hit the ground!

The Surgeon General estimates nearly 44 MILLION people in the U.S. over the age of 50 face Bone Health Issues.

The Bio-Replenishment Option

A Technological Advance:  OsteoDenx + CalDenx + Lactoferrin Gold 1.8

Lactoferrin Gold 1.8®


Supports the absorption of vital mineral compounds

For maintenance of healthy bone tissues throughout life

The only targeted transport system to convey vital minerals to the synovium or joint area

Protected by 3 patents, 2 patents pending



A balanced mineral formulation.

Formulated for easy digestion

Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate

Supports an increase in bone density

Co-factors including vitamin D, vitamin K, folate, magnesium, and boron

Nutrients for muscle and nerve tissue


Lactoferrin Gold 1.8®


Promotes nutrient absorption and revitalizes intestinal immunity.

 Assists in preserving a healthy intestinal tract

Supports immune system activity

No lactose

Encourages production of the body's natural defenses

Pre-biotic that stimulates production of probiotic compounds and maintains beneficial bacteria

Enhances the body's natural antioxident response

A basic building block of life, found in all body fluids, including tears, blood, and saliva


Lactoferrin Gold is key to the absorption and function of

OsteoDenx and CalDenx!


DID YOU KNOW...About 34 MILLION are dealing with Low Bone Mass, leading to complications later in life.

    * 1.5 million Americans suffer fractures due to weak bones?

    * Half of all women over age 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fractures?

    * Medical expenses from osteoporosis-related bone fractures costs $18 billion annually?

    * The most common breaks in weak bones are in the: Wrist, Spine and Hip?

    * The cost of a hip fracture can be more than $81,000 during their lifetime?

    * One in five elderly people die within a year of the hip fracture?

    * One in four become disabled?

    * One in five must move to a nursing home within a year?

However, the following risk-factors contribute towards Osteoporosis:

    * I’m older than 65

    * I’ve broken a bone after age 50

    * My close relative has osteoporosis or has broken a bone

    * My health is “fair” or “poor”

    * I smoke

    * I am underweight for my height

    * I started menopause before age 45

    * I’ve never gotten enough Calcium

    * I have more than two drinks of alcohol several times a week

    * I have poor vision, even with glasses

    * I sometimes fall

    * I’m not physically active

    * I have one of the these medical conditions:

          o Hyperthyroidism

          o Chronic lung disease

          o Cancer

          o Inflammatory bowel disease

          o Chronic hepatic or renal disease

          o Vitamin D deficiency

          o Cushing’s disease

          o Multiple sclerosis

          o Rheumatoid arthritis

    * I take one of these medications:

          o Oral glucocorticoids (steroids)

          o Cancer treatments (radiation, chemotherapy)

          o Thyroid medicine

          o Antiepileptic medications

          o Gonadal hormone suppression

          o Immunosuppressive agents

    * I have:

          o Rickets and osteomalacia

          o Kidney disease

          o Paget’s disease of bone

          o Genetic abnormalities

          o Endocrine disorders


In some cases, Osteoporosis is caused or contributed by other diseases.  If your doctor has diagnosed you with any of these conditions, you want to definitely get tested for Osteoporosis, and make every effort to follow a healthy calcium-rich diet, and do physical activity daily.




...one of the worlds top medical research scientist made an enormous discovery, and you were one of first people in the world to know about this?


...this discovery would provide a solution for 100's of millions of people, who suffer from poor bone health?


...the only competition is a few very expensive drugs with horrendous side effects?


...this product gave people amazing results, and they were enthusiastically telling others?


...it was natural, safe & effective, and had been clinically tested with it's finding's published in one of the worlds top journals - Osteoporosis International?


...you could use this information to help people physically, and in doing so, reap even greater rewards?



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