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NationWide Auto Insurance will deny to pay for my treatments!

Nationwide Auto insurance denies payment for bodywork!


After being forced to pay massage therapists for quality bodywork in 2006 (I sued them for payment and WON), NationWide has now found another way to deny you the proper care you choose and need!

I respectfully suggest that if you have Nationwide Auto insurance and live in Pennsylvania, that you call your agent and tell them why you are moving to a different company. 

They may not care much if they loose a few insured over this, but the right to choose the care you want and your doctor prescribes is at stake!

It will matter to YOU if you are in an accident, and it will make me very sad to explain to you that if you would like to have treatments with me,

you will have to pay out of pocket.


Are you having headaches, whiplash, neck or back pain?

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