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Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy & Massage to eliminate or reduce pain and dysfunction for a HAPPIER you!

Hours, Fees and Offerings

 The Important things!
When, What I have to offer & How Much

 Information on services, rates, massage offerings, trigger point therapy, insurance, etc.

My office hours are relatively flexible, generally
Tuesday - Thursday 1PM to 8PM by appointment.
(sometimes outside of those times if needed)

ALL hours are by appointment only.

724-494-1468  Call or Text
or use the "contact me" page and send me an email note with
"TRIGGER POINT THERAPY" in the subject.

Free 15 minute phone consultation to answer your questions about the treatment, your condition, and any other questions you might have prior to making an appointment.

I am willing to answer questions and offer suggestions if you are not in the Pittsburgh or North Pittsburgh area!

Most people are understandably concerned about the investment when it comes to this type of care. For most people, this is an "out of pocket" expense, your health insurance will not pay for my services, but Auto and Workers Comp may.

My fees are based on expertise, training and time spent with you.  However, I do whatever we can to hold down these costs by keeping my fees in line with a high-quality massage. As you may have noticed, what I do is rather different than standard massage, my training was completely different, as will be your results.

I am Board Certified in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapand Certified in Medical Massage Therapy.

I am also licensed by the state of Pennsylvania as a Licensed Massage Therapist  PA# MSG001805

Sometimes you may only need a session or 2 for an acute problem, other times, the difference is how many sessions you will need depends a lot on changes you can make, the willingness to do the "homework"  and the elimination of perpetuating factors. Other people use my services as they would a massage on a regular basis. This could be 1x week, 2x month, 1x month, or as needed as maintenance.

What is the investment? 

My "at time of service" (cash, check or Debit/Credit Card) rates:
$80 hour,   $120 90 minutes,    $160 for 2 hours.
Any Friday, Saturday or Sunday appointments are charged at $180 CASH for 90 minutes IF I am available.
You may also purchase a $375 Wellness Package
of 5 one hour (or 300 minutes) sessions 
or $575 for 5  90 minute (450 min) sessions of
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy or Massage 
Packages are to be used within a year's time, but can be shared with a family member or a friend.
You can usually use your Health Savings Account if you have one. (find out if you need a prescription from your doctor for it to be covered)
Any services that are BILLED are charged at my regular rates!
This includes any payment not made at time of service such as bounced check,
invalid credit card, billed to 3rd party, etc.

$140 per hour or $35 per 15 minute unit 

 My specialty is Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and  I am one of few
Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists in the US.
I can bill your AUTO Insurance for injuries sustained in the accident and some Workers Comp
I have over 22 years of experience with working with doctors and the
Auto Insurance Companies.
  Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania and most other states, massage therapists can NOT BILL your HEALTH INSURANCE
unless your plan actually offers to pay for massage. (not likely)
(there are a few in the Pittsburgh area that can, because there is a doctor in the practice, contact me for info)
Please see below for other products and service I offer:
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Trigger Point Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myotherapy
  • Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, "pressure point massage", relaxation massage
  • Medical massage (Auto accident, workers comp, or referral from your doctor for a specific pain issue)
  • Help for conditions such as Fibromyalgia, "Carpal Tunnel", Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI, RSI), Chronic headaches and migraines, jaw pain (often called TMJ or TMJD), heel and leg pain, "sciatica" and many other conditions with medical-sounding names that they just tell you to take pain meds for......
  • Range of Motion testing and improvement
  • Evaluation of Perpetuating Factors (the cause(s) of your recurring pain)
  • Stress Relief, "soft tissue release"
  • Facial massage and foot massage 
  • doTERRA essential oils
  • CBD oils, topical and vape products 
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