"Advanced Bodywork & Massage" Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy & Massage to eliminate or reduce pain and dysfunction for a HAPPIER you!


"I feel perfect after a 90 min massage."  Erin Lawrence, PA


“I’ve personally seen countless cases in which myofascial pain turned out to be the decisive element in chronic pain syndromes such as migraine, neuropathic pain, arthritis, and disc herniation. And time after time, when the myofascial pain was treated, the presenting problem was either eliminated or very greatly eased in frequency and severity of symptoms.”

Bernard Filner, MD, PA


I had been suffering from tendonitis in my shoulder for over half a year. I had seen a chiropractor about the problem, and it never really healed like I wanted it to. After one session with Myofacial Trigger Point therapy, I no longer have any pain in my shoulder what so ever.

Jet Rupar MT

"Mary Jo's talents as a Trigger Point Therapist are without peer, in my experience. She is extraordinarily skilled and intuitive, and managed to free up chakras I didn't even know I had. I will always be grateful to her for the healing energy she gives to me, and the knowledge she freely shares which has helped to guide me in my own healing. I consider her a highly evolved healer whom I trust completely."

Bill Kates   Brooklyn NY


I was treated by Mary Jo for a pain in my hip after seeing unsatisfactory results from 3 other muscle therapists. Mary Jo was very professional and showed a great deal of concern for my problems. She asked for my feedback several times during the session to make sure she was addressing the painful areas. The treatment was helpful and she also provided advice on further treatments to address the problem areas. I would recommend Mary Jo to anyone needing a knowledgeable, results-oriented muscle therapist.

Sincerely, Jim Fisher

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