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Migraine Brains and Bodies! New book on migraines

If you speak to me for only a few minutes about headaches and migraines, you will hear me offer the "crazed" suggestion that most headaches and very many migraines are related to Myofascial Trigger Points and/or food sensitivities. The looks I get are interesting. Everywhere from "you are a loony", to "really??? tell me more!" I hear stories that the doctor has told them that they have no other medications to try, they often think that all they need is better (usually stronger and addictive) medication. There is frustration that no one can find what is wrong with them, and being told (even worse) that there is nothing wrong with them and perhaps they were just seeking drugs or didn’t want to work or care for their child. I also hear of loosing jobs and relationships.

Some believe me right away and ask for an appointment, others are so skeptical that they walk away and forget about what I had said, some tell me that the doctor has tested them for allergies already and that they avoid the common "migraine trigger foods" and so discount my knowledge.

Some of the time, the ones that come in for treatment are very impressed with the fact that they came in with a headache and left without it. Others have noticeable increase in range of motion of their neck, and some of the places I pressed had actually CAUSED the same head pain that they commonly get. Within a few treatments, their chronic headaches are much less frequent or gone. If I do not find trigger points or they have no response to treatment, I start them on the path of identifying food sensitivities.

Sadly, some have no interest in what a "layperson" has insisted is truth and continue to loose hope and suffer.  Still more people would LOVE to have this information, but have never found someone that knows about the connection between trigger points and food and the chronic headaches or migraines. Some doctors and therapists know there is a connection, but are not skilled enough to actually properly address the trigger points and eliminate them. Nor do they address the perpetuating factors as simple as carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder or poor postural habits.

Let's not forget the food issues. I know from experience of several chronic migraines what were caused by WHEAT, PEANUTS and NUTRASWEET. The simple suggestion of eliminating these or other foods from the diet for a week or 2 resulted in the elimination of long-term chronic migraines. This can be pretty impressive after the treatments that they had been getting for years did virtually nothing more than cover up the pain or cost $1000s of dollars on medications that did not CURE the condition.

THIS BRILLIANT BOOK will help millions of people get the information that they need to help themselves! For the cost of a "co-pay" for yet another doctor visit or medication, a chronic headache/migraine patient can very possibly find and possibly even self-treat the cause. Most will need the help of a well-trained Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist to help evaluate for trigger points and perpetuating factors. Those that can not find or afford treatment can and do learn ways to self treat.

I also am grateful to the author, C. M. Shifflett for putting this information in print as more people will “hear me” if the information is in a book that they can read themselves. I am also thankful that many more people will find the incredibly powerful treatment of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy!




Here is the table of contents for your inspection. You can also read the first chapter at the

autors webiste: http://www.round-earth.com/


Migraines and muscle tension headaches have long been thought to be separate conditions. This has been disproven by elimination of migraines by Botox injections and by discovery of a direct muscular connection between the neck and the dura, the tough tissue surrounding brain and spinal cord.

By itself, the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle of the neck can cause severe frontal headache, sinus pain, and frightening neurological symptoms thanks to its direct link to two cranial nerves: the vagus (which connects to all organs including stomach and gut), and the spinal accessory. Both nerves are shared with SCM and the trapezius muscle of the back. Problems in one muscle can trigger problems in the other.

One part of the trapezius muscle causes pain often diagnosed as “tension headache.” Another can produce the classic one-sided migraine pain complete with nausea and neurological symptoms. Another causes pain often diagnosed as “bursitis.”


Chapter 1: Introduction to Migraine Headaches Historical overview, what migraine is and is not, common migraine myths, differential diagnosis, self evaluation and medical testing.

Chapter 2: It’s Just Tension! On muscles and connective tissue behind the pain, the anatomical link between neck muscles and the brain, and recognizing and treating pain patterns.

Chapter 3: It’s Vascular! The role of circulation in migraine, the link between migraines and thoracic outlet syndrome, cold feet, and a small congenital hole in the heart.

Chapter 4: It’s Neurological! Nerves involved in migraine, their relationship with muscles and dilation of blood vessels. On sleep and depression, brain injury, and the new migraine model of cortical spreading depression and the blood-brain barrier.

Chapter 5: It’s Chemical! All too often, “chemical imbalances in the brain” are actually imbalances of chemical nutrients, vitamins and minerals. On metabolic problems and why migraines may be triggered by your shampoo or hair straightener, orange juice or oil wells, the chemistry behind menstrual migraine and cramps, disrupted breathing patterns, depression and insomnia.

Chapter 6: Triggers and Thresholds. There’s more to triggers than red wine, cheese, chocolate, and the tyramine-containing foods list. These may be factors, but migraines can also come from bones and joints. Consider the connection between TMJ, the bones of neck, cranium, hips, feet, and postural strain from furniture, musical instruments, and more. Consider also alcohol and tobacco, antacids and their resulting opportunistic infections, sleep disruptions, the neurology behind barometer headaches, and the fashion migraine from posture, clothing and accessories.

Chapter 7: Getting Help. Tools and equipment to help yourself, and if you’ve been told you need to get a grip, how to actually do that. Advice on finding and evaluating trained professionals. Here are things to consider and things to avoid and the reasons why. Find out how to get out of headache hell and back to life.

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